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The stickiness of cycling: Residential relocation and changes in utility cycling in Johannesburg

I have a new article out published by the Journal of Transport Geography. Below is the abstract:

This paper examines the influence of residential relocation on travel behaviour by studying the adoption of utility cycling among high-income earners living in Johannesburg. Qualitative analysis of a retrospective survey broadly finds that a majority of the sample (n = 39/66) started cycling as adults in contexts other than
Johannesburg with higher bicycle mode share (n = 33/39). While such initial adoption of cycling in contexts where the practice was pervasive is consistent with travel behaviour research, subsequent continuation in Johannesburg with limited utility cycling profile departs from this model. The paper suggests that this may have to do with the higher degree of travel satisfaction associated with cycling in comparison to other travel modes. Further studies should explore this proposition.

Get your free copy before 4 July 2020.



By Njogu Morgan

I am a Lecturer in Global Urbanism at the UCL Urban Lab and Research Associate at the Wits History Workshop (University of the Witwatersrand).

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